Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Daily Inspiration

Wow! What can I possibly say to thank so many of you for the wonderful calls, blog comments,facebook messages, and beautiful cards sent to us? I have to tell you how much it has meant to Matt and me! I have this huge stack of cards and notes and they are so kind, caring, inspiring, and encouraging. I have so enjoyed periodically going through the stack and reading one or two. They are so powerful in that they remind me of the AWESOME power of prayer, friendship, and love! So if you are reading this, chances are you have left us some kind words and I want to sincerely thank you for it. It means SO much!
Nothing is really "new" to post at least that we know about right now. I do have to request your prayers for our next ultrasound, specifically, on August 20th. We pray that the fluid levels in Camilla's ventricles are not increased at all. It is likely they are, but I am praying for miracles and healing. Please join us in doing that! Thank you so very much! I have to specifically thank my Mom for beginning a Friday fasting and praying routine; Mom it means so very much to us that you would seek God's word and direction and fervently pray for your little grand-baby in this way.

How are we all doing? We are honestly filled with peace. As odd as it sounds or seems to others or to us, I am not full of anxiety and neither is my husband. I know that this peace is from God and I am so very thankful! We went camping last week and I actually made the comment to Matt, "Should I feel guilty that I am having so much fun?" It's so weird, throughout the last couple weeks, I have felt so appreciative of so many things. Things I've taken for granted in the past, I'm sure. The baby's kicks for example, friends, a small hand in mine, an innocent child's words, you name it. Already, this unborn child has helped me appreciate so many small things MORE than ever. I have to share a conversation I had with my sweet son. We were following Daddy to the campground and we were talking about Cami and how she has a boo-boo. We pray for her daily and ask God to please take care of her and heal her. I said to Isaac, "If baby sister is sick we will still love her so much! Right, Isaac?"..."Yes, Mom" he replied. Then I said, "And if Jesus decides Cami needs to go live in Heaven with Him, we will miss her sooo much. Right, Isaac?" Silence. Uh-oh, I worried I might have upset him saying that. More silence. I stop at the stop sign,about to turn around, and hear "Well, Mom..pause...she will be an angel then." He said it in the most matter of fact voice. "ISAAC, you are soooo right!" As I sat at the stop sign a few extra seconds and looked in the rear view at my little boy, I was touched and consumed with such appreciation for my life and everything that fills it up. How could I help but smile? Between Isaac's sweet honesty with words, and Hadleigh constantly kissing my belly and proclaiming, "Baby in-nair!" (Baby in there!) how could I not plainly see that I am one seriously lucky girl with so many blessings??? Camilla, girl, I hope you realize how much of a blessing you are already. Do you know how much all of us love you? Not a day goes by we don't talk to you and thank God for you.

Speaking of another blessing, I have to thank my hubby for his unfailing love and support. All of you get to hear or see me after I have sorted through many a wrestling match of sorts...with my thoughts. Matthew sees the icky wrestling. I know he is wrestling too, but somehow, he is so strong and completely positive for the both of us. We are stronger together, and know that this is making us a better couple. So here is another blessing in disguise that I find-my marriage strengthening and reaching more deeply in my heart than I ever dreamed possible. When my thoughts turn on the "Why song"...you know the: Why me? Why us? Why do these bad things happen? Why now? Why, why, why......song?, guess who helps me turn it off? Matt, you do that, and I thank you so very much. You remind me of the love of our Heavenly Father and how this is all part of His plan. You make me feel protected and safe and we all know every girl wants that. I thank God for you. Here is a song that sums it all up.....

turn off the music player at the bottom of the page first. :) enjoy!


  1. Amie-
    I am so amazed and inspired by your words. It's pretty early in the morning and what a great reminder for me today....and every day...to not take life's "little blessings" for granted.
    We continue to hold you close to our hearts in thought and prayer. We pray for Cami (love the nickname by the way) and her beautiful, precious family.

  2. Amie,
    I too am amazed by you and your faith. As I sit down right now for my morning prayer time, I'm reminded of how much God loves all of us and knows our future. I thank God every day that He is present and watching over all of His children. I pray for you and Matt daily and you are both such a testament of what it's like to surrender your life and just follow God's lead and trust in His plan. I pray for Hadleigh and Isaac and that they feel God's presence around them too. What an amazing little man of God you are raising and it just brings me to tears at his words. May God continue to give you peace and comfort as you continue to go through this journey. Nate and I are praying for your August 20th appointment.
    Beautiful song and video that you posted.

  3. Amie,
    Your attitude is amazing! Praise the Lord that He is giving you that attitude. How do people go through something like this without the Lord? I will continue to pray for you, Matt, Isaac, Hadleigh, and of course, Camilla!

  4. Amie....

    Paige & I continue to pray for all of you. This one really hit home. We talk often about our 'little angel' up in heaven. We send up balloons to her quite often. I love your posts - they are most definitely encouraging to the rest of us! What reminders about how fragile life is, what's really important and how good God truly is. He sees us through it all... Love the song, praise you in the storm!

  5. Wow Amie, you are really showing what a miraculous and powerful God we have! This is my first visit to the site and I can see that God is giving you a peace beyond all understanding. Thank you for being such a great example. I have been praying nonstop for you and your entire family and baby Cami (love the name). Love you girl!

  6. Wow how your marriage is growing. It only goes to show that with God in our lives we are strengthened. It is so sweet that your children are so in love with their sister. Children can teach us so many things. Thank you for showing me how strong one can be in a situation that tests their faith each and everyday. You are an inspiration to me and others. Love Sandy Cole

  7. I amazed at how similar our stories are! This song has been what Amy and I have been listening to lately to help us with our feelings about Claire's diagnosis.