Friday, December 30, 2011

Blog? What blog?

Just kidding, of course. This blog means so much to me. I haven't posted in a long time....but I read this blog and all of the comments. Often. I weep as I hear the longings of my heart, the cries of my soul, and the kindness and encouragement of others. I cling to the verses, to the promises within them, when struggling through another of life's speed bumps and trials. The words ever comfort me.

I read the title, "The Journey of Camilla Joy" and I reflect on how far it has come, and yet how far from over it is. Her life is just unfolding. Camilla is doing wonderfully, she is truly miraculous in that she shows no sign or symptom that the doctors warned about. I know from the depths of my soul that she is a living example of God's miraculous work and that her story can and will be used for His glory.

I sit back and look at my little girl, look at my other children, and know I am changed forever. I know and understand the power of prayer now. I know what a "boiling" prayer means. If you have ever prayed in a hospital for someone in need of a miracle, that is the kind of prayer I am talking about. Whenever life gets tough, I will choose to look up. Knowing fully well that Jesus will always help and guide me even when I think I cannot stand on my own. My Camilla girl, through you, God taught me that. How grateful I am that in my own undeserving flesh, this promise will always stand solid.

Keep looking up, my friends.