Saturday, January 12, 2013

Camilla Update!

Many people ask how Cami is doing now that two years have passed.  We, once again, have to thank our Heavenly Father for his healing within her.  She is a vibrant two year old little girl who has the biggest blue eyes I've ever seen.  As far as developmental updates, Camilla is doing everything she should be and more.  In fact, she absolutely AMAZES me with what she is doing at two years old. 

This past week, I was graciously given the opportunity to share a snippet of her journey on WCSG with on the morning show with John and Amanda.   If you happened to hear Camilla's story on the air, please scroll down to the next post and read  her entire story from the beginning.  God is good-all the time and it is my responsibility to share with others the hope there is in Him.  Everyday miracles are happening all around us, and it is a beautiful reminder of our future hope of eternal life.