Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Camilla is 4 1/2 months old....

And...I am way behind in blogging. Life has been crazy with me returning to work. With working comes some level of stress, plus add in graduate classes, nursing, pumping, and just being emotional about being away from home so much, all of this equals = busy and tired! I know, I know, no excuse! I have been wanting to update for such a long while now, and at the same time I have wanted to reflect on Camilla's journey so far. So many people ask me if I wish we were never given Camilla's diagnosis, if I wish the call would never have come. All that worry...and she is just fine. It sounds strange, I know, but no. I do not wish things different. And, while our outcome is so wonderful, I know I would still sit here blogging to the same conclusion had it been a difficult one. I know this, because I would have strength from my Heavenly Father. The same strength that carried me through 5 months of pregnancy. The same strength that is carrying many people I know. I cannot list the blessings that have come throughout this journey so far, but I will give it a try. So many supportive calls, words, emails, messages, gifts, visits, PRAYERS, new friends, stronger family relationships, a stronger marriage, a wonderful community of friends and children who are going through or went through the same things, opportunities to teach my children how to pray, appreciation and love for my children through a new "lens", a stronger walk with God, stronger faith, less worry, more ability to "hand things over" to God. a closer bond with our church family, being a witness of MIRACLES...the list goes on and on with blessings! Camilla's birth and place in our lives has touched us so deeply. I put a montage together (below) to share it with all of you. You will want to close the pink music player at the bottom of the blog first. Thank you for your many, many prayers on our behalf. We love you all!

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